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Vijay Trading Corporation is one of the leading supplier of various tapes used in electrical & engineering activities. Come in a good finish, the tapes are available in adhesive & non adhesive, woven and non woven, transparent and many other colors.

Our range of tapes includes :-
. .Insulating Crepe tapes are used in transformer manufactuing .Insulating crepe tubes
Our Other range of tapes are :-
. Unvarnished Fibre Glass Tapes
.Varnish Fibre Glass Tapes - Class B, F & H
. Fibre Glass Adhesive Tapes - Class F & H
. Kapton or Polymide Tapes adhesive & non adhesive
. Nomex Adhesive & Non Adhesive &Nbsp;Tapes
. Masking Tapes
. Polyester Varnish Tapes
. Cotton Tapes
. Cotton Webbing Tapes
. Copper Foil Tapes
. Silicon Rubber Tapes
. Mica Tape -all varieties
. Cable Harnessing Tapes
. Aluminum Foil Tapes
. Resiglass Tapes -Banding Tapes
. Teflon Tapes
. Semi Conducting Tapes
. Conducting Tapes
. Polyester Woven Tapes
. Polyester Woven Webbing Tapes
. Kraft Paper Tapes
. VPI Insulation's Tapes
. Pink/White/Black/Rayon Tapes
. Polyester Adhesives
. Empire Tapes
. Kapton Mica Tapes
. Crepe Tapes

Crepe Tapes
Crepe Tapes
Banding Tapes
Banding Tapes

Fiberglass Tapes
Fiberglass Tapes
Vijay Trading Corporation is one of the leading supplier of various tapes used in electrical Thermal and acoustic insualtions which Come in a good finish, the tapes are available in adhesive & non adhesive.

non adhesive tapes
Polymide Tapes
Polymide Tapes

Kapton Adhessive Tapes

Kapton Adhessive Tapes
Kapton adhessive tape is used for High temperature insulation and for Masking application.We can supply in various width as per the need of th customer.

Insulation Papers
woven tapes wholesale

Vijay Trading Corporation is a leading marketer of insulation papers that offer outstanding thermal and physical characteristics. Exhibiting low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal stability, low heat storage, good dielectric strength we can supply various insulation papers of Class B, Class F and Class H.

Our range of insulation papers includes :-

. Polyester Film
. Polymide Film (Kapton Film)
. Press Phan Paper
. Nomex Paper -Class H
. Laminated Paper -Class F
. Fleece Paper

. Crepe Paper
. Ceramic Paper
. Leathered Paper
. Transparent Polyester Film
. DMD Insulation Paper
. Conducting Paper
. Semi Conducting Paper

Class F Class H Papers
Class F & Class H Papers

Insulation Boards
woven tapes wholesale

We supply quality Insulation sheets and boards which have thermal, electric and mechanical properties as per international standards in various temperature class.

Our range of insulation boards includes :-

. Glass Epoxy Sheets
. Red Fibre Sheets -Vulcanized Fibre
. Syndanio Sheets
. Teflon Sheets
. Polyester Laminated Sheets
. Polystyrene Foam Board

. Cork Sheets-plain & rubberized
. Mica Sheets -flexible & hard
. Press Board Pre Compressed Boards
. Asbestos Mill Board
. Gasket Sheets

Cork Sheets
Cork Sheets

non adhesive tapes
Epoxy Phenolic Sheets
Epoxy & Phenolic Sheets

Polystyrene Foam Board
woven tapes wholesale

This Polystyrene Foam Board extruded in state-of -the-art manufacturing facility & is produced from General Purpose Polystyrene Resin.

Available Dimensions :
  • Width : 600 mm
  • Length : 1250 mm
  • Thickness : 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 mm
Applications :
  • Roofing Insulation ( Concrete / Pitched Roof / Inverted Roof / Ceilings )
  • Flooring Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Cold Storage ( Walls, Floor, Ceiling )
  • Foundation / Perimeter
  • Insulation
  • Structural Sandwich
  • Structural Sandwich
  • Load bearing applications (Roads / Runways)
Polystyrene Foam Board
Polystyrene Foam Board

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