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Vijay Trading Corporation is one of the leading supplier of fabrics used for many purposes. It is available in good finish, in various combination of texture & yarns for different temperature applications

Our range of fabrics includes :-

. Unvarnished Fiber Glass Cloth
. Varnish Fibre Glass Cloth Class B,F & H
. Felts -polyester, Woolen &Amp; Nomex
. Asbestos Cloth
. Graphite Coated Cloth

. Ceramic Cloth & Blanket
. Fibre Glass Matt Rovings
. Polyester Varnish Cloth
. Kevlar Cloth
.Carbon cloth
.Varnish fiber glass cloth
.Hi Silica Fabric
.Graphite cloth
.Conducting cloth
.Aluminium Fiber glass cloth - Single side and double side.
.Silicon coated fiber glass cloth - Single sidw and double side.
.Geo Fabrics
.Water proofing cloth

Hi Silica Fabrics
Hi Silica Fabrics

Fiberglass Cloth
Fiberglass Cloth

Protection Sleeves
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Vijay Trading Corporation is one of the leading supplier of sleeves with highest quality carbon chrome alloy for durability. We supply PVC Sleeves, Teflon Sleeves.

Our range of sleeves includes :-
. Unvarnish Fibre Glass Sleeves
. Varnish Fibre Glass Sleeves CLASS B, F & H
. Silicon Elastomers Sleeves
. Cotton Sleeves
. Heat Shrink Sleeves
. PVC Sleeves
. Teflon Sleeves
. Polyester Sleeves
. Crepe Tubes

Acrylic Sleeves
Acrylic Sleeves
non adhesive tapes
Fiberglass Varnished Sleeves
Fiberglass Varnished Sleeves
Heat Shrinkable Sleeves
Heat Shrinkable Sleeves

non adhesive tapes
Silicon Fiberglass Sleeves
Silicon Fiberglass Sleeves

Tubes & Chords
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Vijay Trading is a leading supplier of any type of insulation tubes for various applications as per customers requirement.

Our range of tubes and chords includes :-

. Glass Epoxy Tubes (Rectangular & Circular)
. Phenolic Paper Based Tubes (Rectangular & Circular)
. Fabric Based Tubes (Rectangular & Circular)
. Mica Tubes & Chord

. Nylon Tubes
. Asbestos Ropes
. Polyester Chord
. Edge Binding

Nylon Mica Tubes
Nylon & Mica Tubes

non adhesive tapes
Epoxy Phenolic Tubes
Epoxy & Phenolic Tubes

Other Products
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Our range of other products includes :-

. Mica Powder & Mica Moulded Components & Washer Ferules
. Insulating Gum
. Hylum Rods, Nuts Bolts & all types of components
. Permali Components
. Nylon Bolts Nuts & all types of components
. Glass Epoxy Components
. Graphite Powder - Conducting
. Thermistors RTD'S
. All Types Of Industrial &Amp; Electrical Products
. Cables Ties, Mounts etc

. Glass Wool, Mineral Wool & Chopped Strands
. Polyester Chords
. Fibre Glass Yarn
. Polyester Filament Yarn & Thread
. Lugs-copper & Aluminum
. Epoxy Putty
. Wedges

Woven Textile
Woven Textile

non adhesive tapes
Fire Blankets
Fire Blankets

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